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The Basic Rules of Roulette

Q and A

A lot of websites exist today that provide several highly popular casino games. Without a doubt, roulette with its variations, like European or American roulette game, has become top contenders in today's world of casino games and a lot of people all over the world have been playing it for years now. In fact, more players are starting to play the game online than in traditional casinos because of the convenience that comes therewith. Think about it: there is no need to get dressed and travel just to play roulette anymore.

Online games are thrilling because they are so fast-paced. Plus, they can be played any time of day (or night). How great is that? Here are the basics.

How to Play Online

In a nutshell, the rules of roulette are comprehensive and plain. To start with, the player has to drag the amount of chips he wants somewhere on the roulette layout; then, he clicks the icon to spin the wheel. As a player, the goal would be to successfully guess exactly where the spinning ball on the wheel will drop. Then, the place wherein the ball lands will show which side bets and numbers will get paid off. There is also certain roulette strategy which is used to help winning at roulette.

The Casino Advantage

The casino advantage comes about by paying up the players the number's odds like there wasn't a double zero or single zero. For example, payouts for single numbers would be 35:1. the player can place bets on several numbers at once. To play these numbers that touch, the player simply places chips to touch every number.

For example, to place a 2 number bet, the bet of chips needs to be put between three numbers, as needed. To play 4 numbers, these chips would need to be placed right in the middle.

As can be seen, nothing is complicated when it comes to the rules of roulette. Before playing games with actual money, though, try playing it with fake money. A lot of websites exist today that provide free casino games. Just take a look around!

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