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Online Slots vs. Traditional Slots - Which is Better?

21 and whiskeyAside from poker, slots would probably be the leading online casino games out there in terms of popularity. Not every online casino provides customers with poker games, but they seem to always have a wide array of slot games up for grabs. Traditional casino slots may be fun, but they quite lack when it comes to their range of sophistication, choices and fun as at www.pokies.me. The sheer amount of existing slot games that exist on the internet is astounding and definitely a highlight of playing online compared to traditional slots.

Online Penny Slots

Nearly every casino online has penny slots available, which are quickly becoming a staple for enthusiastic games of slots. In online casinos worldwide, penny slots have become a highly lucrative slot game choice that is playable on the World Wide Web.

Online Video Slots

If you are looking for a ton of fun when it comes to slots, then video slots would be ideal for you. Such games are full of surprises and are incredibly exciting. Players even have the ability to make their game screen as big as their computer screen in order to relax and truly enjoy the fun that the colorful graphics, brilliant animation and astounding sound effects have to offer; but they should learn first how to win at slots in order to understand the game. Players can also come across bonus rounds that take slots to a whole new level and that players can thoroughly enjoy while waiting for a potential jackpot. Wild symbols and scatter symbols are only some of the bonuses on offer.

Online Progressive Slots

Even progressive slots are much more exciting online than on land. Aside from the fun graphics and wide array of bonus casino games, they are also more exciting because there are chances of winning extremely big. The payouts of progressive slots can actually range up to the millions; they merely depends what kind of slot games you choose to play. Several progressive slots get hit before they can even get to grow, which boosts the chances of winning. Such progressive slots differ from one online casino to the next, but bigger online casino software providers have them up for grabs.

Additionally, online slots provide greater payout percentages compared to traditional slot games. The casinos in Las Vegas, for example, have payout percentages of about 85%. This means that every time a dollar is played, only around 85 cents is actually won. See, since the operating costs of online casinos are much lower compared to traditional casinos, they can provide greater payout percentages that range from 92% to 98%. This means that player can play longer and get better returns on their money in the end.

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