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How to Get an Edge in Roulette Games

There is a flaw in roulette games you might not know about and knowing it can give you the chance to exploit the roulette layout, as well as an outstanding edge over any casino out there. With this development, you will be able to improve your roulette tactics and make them profitable when know the rules of roulette, no matter what kind of casino you play in. In fact, this method of roulette is so incredibly sophisticated that it had to be designed with the help of computer systems. These creative programs of artificial intelligence actually came up with safe tactics to win just by creating built-in safeguards against higher bet losses that will only let you lose lower bets and win higher bets. This will give you money, even if you come across more losses in the long run. During its development, this particular strategy was tested extensively on millions of simulated roulette spins. Then, after figuring out, finding out and analyzing every single game and decision, the computer came across some unlikely results: players can actually get an unfair advantage when using this method. After this, a full-on actual situational test of this method of roulette was done in various casinos in Las Vegas. To make things even trickier, every game was played on double zero roulette wheels - the wheels where players have the least of an edge against the casino. Thousands of games were put against tons of wheels and it almost never lost - an unfair edge indeed. Keep in mind that gambling at single-zero wheels will offer up even higher edges to players. High Noon Casino

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