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Learn a Blackjack Basic Strategy with Ease

Blackjack is pretty easy to play as a whole; however, learning a blackjack basic strategy is sometimes hard for several people. Learn how to make it easier here. As you start to play blackjack, you need to get used to a strategy for beginners, of course. Here, you can learn about several possible blackjack hands and how they should be played. You can use such basic strategies to lower the house advantage by 0.5%. As extra information: such strategies were actually made with the help of computers, which have the ability to run millions of blackjack hands online to analyze which play would work out for the best in the end.

Blackjack Strategy

Several differences exist in the basic blackjack rules from one casino to the next, but the basic strategy pretty much stays the same, regardless of where you choose to play.

The General Strategy

  • If you get a card sum of 2 to 8, you should choose to hit.
  • If you get a card sum of 12 to 16, you should choose to hit if the dealer has a face-up card of 7 or higher.
  • If you get a card sum of 17 to 20, you have to stand, no matter what.
  • If you get a card sum of 21, you win the hand automatically.

The Double Down Strategy

  • If you get a card sum of 9, you have to double down provided the dealer gets a 2 to 6.
  • If you get a card sum of 10, you have to double down provided the dealer gets a 2 to 9.
  • If you get a card sum of 11, you have to double down, no matter what, provided the face-up card of the dealer is not an Ace.

The Soft Hand Strategy

  • If you get a soft 19 or 20, choose to stand.
  • If you get a soft 13 to 18 and the dealer has a 4 to 6, choose to double down.

The Splitting Strategy

  • 10's and Aces should always be split.
  • Face Cards, 5s and 10s should never be split.

As you can see, a basic blackjack strategy can actually be very easy to learn. Even though these might be the simplest kinds of strategies in blackjack out there, you can start off by following them until you get completely comfortable with the whole system itself.

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