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Blackjack - The Universal Rules

The Rules:

universal rules of blackjackThe rules of blackjack differ from one casino to the next. This is why learning a blackjack basic strategy can become quite hard. However, a lot of correct moves are usually basic and will not vary from one casino to the next. In fact, the majority of big-scale casinos out there live by similar rules that match those of Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Here they are.

The Basics:

  • In blackjack, you have to try to beat the hand of the dealer without exceeding a total of 21.
  • The face cards have a worth of 10, while Aces have a worth of 1 or 11, depending on what would give you the better hand.
  • Every player begins with two cards each. One card of the dealer is hidden up until the very end.
  • A 'Hit' means you want another card. A 'Stand' means you want to hold what you have and end the with what you have for that turn.
  • Exceeding 21 means you bust and that the dealer wins, no matter what hand he has.
  • If you get 21 at the very beginning, that would be considered as Blackjack.
  • A Blackjack normally means that you will get 1.5 your bet amount, though this might depend on which casino you are at.
  • The dealer has to hit until he gets a card total of at least 17.
  • Doubling would be similar to a hit, but the bet will be doubled and you can just get one card more.
  • Splits are possible if you have two cards that are exactly the same in order to get two split hands.
  • Splitting also happens to double your bet, with every new hand being worth your original bet.
  • Doubling and splitting can only be done on the very first move.
  • Two Aces cannot be played on after a split.
  • It is possible to double on hands that come from splits, though it tripes or quadruples your bet in blackjack.
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