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Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Herein, we elaborate how our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy safeguards, respects and values the information given by you. By consenting to these rules you can use the site.

Our means of gathering details

To enjoy certain aspects of the site (such as variety of online services), you would have to proactively submit details and information. You would be notified as to which details are compulsory and which are optional.

Some of this data, information and details might be personal and confidential so as to identify you uniquely and easily, like your full name, postal address, e mail address, contact number, etc.

Such data is gathered solely suiting your choice of providing us.

Details can be collected indirectly through the means of many techniques like Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and cookies. Personal or confidential data is not gathered or stored by these processes.

In order to enable you to use the internet, your computer is allocated a number by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) which is known as an IP address. Usually, an IP address is believed to be common and non-personally identifiable information as at most of the times, an IP address alters every time you connect to the Internet, it is dynamic and not static or fixed (distinct to a specific user's computer).

Your IP addresses are used by us to detect the problems with our server, account or report collective data and ensure you the best and fastest way for your computer to connect to our website, and to manage and improve our site.


Minute files which are generated while you access a website and are collected in the cookie index/directory of your computer are known as cookies. An anonymous, unique and exclusive identifier is comprised in a cookie. It does not harm your computer. According to your browser's preference cookies can enter which are sent out by every website. In order to retain your safety, your browser allows only those websites which have earlier sent cookies and not by other websites. You do not need to allow cookies. You can choose between which cookies to allow and which not or get informed while creating cookies. Most of the data is visible on the site by turning off the cookies but online services cannot be utilized fully.

Cookies are used to ascertain, track and know the users' advancement and thereby we can upgrade our services on the usage information. The details and data in cookies do not contain personal information and details you give to the site.

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