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Online gaming is great for celebs

If you’re a celebrity, you have to accept that your life will be under constant scrutiny – for what you wear, where you go and how you spend your time.

There have been many times when a celeb has been snapped when they’re not having their finest moments and it must be a bit infuriating not to be able to live your life as you choose because it matters what the public thinks of you. Some would say that’s one of the costs of being famous, but at least there are some hobbies celebs can now pursue out of the limelight should they choose to.

Online gaming is great for celebs

Online casino gaming is a great example. Just think how great online gaming must be for all those celebs who like to play casino games and card games like poker, but are really not that good at them. No need to be humiliated at the gaming tables of Vegas for their lack of poker playing strategy – famous faces can play behind closed doors at home. They could play 32Red online games just like anyone else – the usernames people choose can be completely anonymous after all.

Think how much trouble Prince Harry could have saved himself had he not gone to Las Vegas for that now infamous weekend in 2012. If he had stuck to playing casino online rather than in Las Vegas, the now infamous naked Harry pics that were splashed across the world’s newspapers in 2012 may never have been taken. The prince was having some R&R before heading out for a stint with the British army in Afghanistan when he ended up playing strip billiards with six young ladies, but he ended up paying dearly for his reckless behaviour. Although Harry hasn’t been back to Vegas since, we imagine he can still have some fun gaming online – and no-one would ever be any the wiser of any high jinks that went with it!

However, there are plenty of stars who are quite happy to be seen in and around casinos. Actor Ben Affleck is well-known for his love of playing poker – and he’s pretty good at it too. He first made his name in the poker world when he won the California State Poker Champs in 2004, and has taken part in the World Series of Poker events on a regular basis. Other poker playing actors include Affleck’s long-time friend Matt Damon, Spiderman actor Tobey Maguire and American Pie actress Shannon Elizabeth. They play well, so they don’t mind being snapped at the gaming tables by the paparazzi, but surely they don’t only just play at private parties and celeb poker events? They must get plenty of practice in playing online games and tournaments too.

There’s no telling who might be pulling up a chair across from you at the virtual poker table – and one day you might just take the pot from someone famous!

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