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Uses of the CasinoOnlineTime

Here, we allow you limited license to the CasinoOnlineTime and this license is not exclusive and you can't transfer it to other people. You can use the website for fees and you have to follow the terms below to access the website without hesitation.

Major Terms

The CasinoOnlineTime contains the 100% copyrights on its all content like the data, articles, text, photos and images, audios and videos, graphics and animations, logos and banners, opinions, charts etc. You can only use those for personal use only and you can also use that content for non commercial and not financial purposes. To use this content for any other purpose you have to get written permission from us according our terms and conditions. You accept that you will not change or modify any of this content to make them your unique content and use them for illegal purposes. You also agree that you will never provide, exchange, distribute, publish, broadcast, perform or transmit this content to any other persons. You also agree that you will only use this content for commercial purpose if you already have a written permission of the CasinoOnlineTime.

Useful Terms

Every part of our content is copyrighted with the name of the licensors and all of those are our sole property. The trademarks, trade dresses, trade names, service marks and the product names and service names are the property to its owners and the logos and banners also have its own owners so you can't you them for any purpose without having written permission. Everything of this website what you can see on it are the sole property and copyrighted to CasinoOnlineTime.

Other Terms

You can't use any part of the website for any cases until you have written permission. If you don't obey these terms or you any part of the website then we will take legal steps to stop you using the content.

Responsibility Limitation

You are responsible for the activity of you on the CasinoOnlineTime and if anything wrong happen to you while browsing the website, you are also liable for that. If you don't agree with the terms and conditions of this website and also unhappy with its content and then the best way for you will be stop browsing the website. If you lost something or get damaged while browsing the website then the risk will be yours because the CasinoOnlineTime will never pay you for any damage occurred for browsing the website.

Other Website Links

You can visit the links of other websites on our website but we can't assure you the safety of those websites. You can have damages while visiting those websites but you can't blame us for that and we will not pay for those damages of other websites. By visiting those websites you agree with their terms and conditions, so if they charge you for your visiting you have to pay for that, the CasinoOnlineTime will not bear that cost. So, you will have your own risk while visiting the websites through the hyperlinks on our websites.

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